RTA – Red Team Assessment

Evaluate from the enemy's perspective.

RTA – Red Team Assessment

Evaluate from the enemy's perspective.

Traditional pentests will no longer keep your company safe against cybercriminals.

It is important to assess whether people, processes, and technology are working as they should in a real-life (and controlled) incident scenario.

If you still rely on traditional security solutions to protect your company, we urge you to reconsider your cybersecurity strategy, now!

Security incidents are caused by threats for which traditional tools do not work. Attackers know how to bypass endpoint security and can easily use any number of well-known tools and techniques. It’s not a matter of if you will get breached, but when and how much damage will be done before you are breached.

You must simulate a real and unannounced system compromise situation in order to measure the effectiveness and scope of your response.

Plan, act, analyze, verify.

Actionable insights to increase the level of protection and improve the company's security maturity.

MER - Measurable Event Report

Discover how your company can be hacked, what can be compromised, and how your teams manage incidents.

Offensive Security Workshop

Understand cybercriminal’s mindset, strategies and tactics, to better defend yourself and your company.

Immediate Action Plan

Learn what can be done immediately to reduce the risks of an attack.

Use cases

You can either set the goals, or leave it on us to identify the "crown jewels". No matter which method you choose, we stress-test your company in a controlled manner, so that your response capability is assessed, before a real incident happens.

Transfer funds

Shut down production lines

Extraction of confidential information

Access CEO's office

Think quick: what cyber risks are being posed by your suppliers?

What companies have access to your organization's or your customers' data, business processes, environments and systems? How careful are they regarding cybersecurity?

Understand the potential risks generated by suppliers:

  1. Physical or virtual access to the company’s environment
  2. Lack of cyber hygiene among smaller vendors
  3. Flaws in hardware and software purchased by the company
  4. Security gaps in software and hardware being used by third-party companies
  5. Storage, aggregating, or processing of third-party data

End-to-end execution


If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

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